Wine Trade Groups Unite Against TTB Proposed Ruling
FILED APRIL 17, 2015 Earlier this year, the TTB proposed a notice of rulemaking that allow a winery to list an AVA in an adjacent state on its wine label [ see WSD 2-10-2015 ]. As it stands, wineries are currently prohibited from using a specific AVA on their label -- even if 85% of the grapes are from that AVA -- if they finish the wine outside of the state in which the AVA is located. Read More
Remy Cointreau on a Roll in the US
FILED APRIL 15, 2015 Remy Cointreau started off its fiscal year on a weak note, but over the course of the year ended March it began to find its footing and even gain momentum in the US, delivering 9%-10% value depletions (sales to retailers) in the back half. Read More
On-premise Beverage Directors Reveal What's Hot (or Not)
FILED APRIL 14, 2015 We write a lot about macro consumer trends in Wine & Spirits Daily, but it's important to remember not all trends work in all venues. At the recent Vibe show in Las Vegas, a panel of on-premise beverage directors each with different demographics shared what is and is not working at their respective concepts. Read More
Being Big "Not the Advantage it Once Was"
FILED APRIL 13, 2015 Spirits drinkers and beer drinkers have traditionally been thought of as the type of consumers who identify and stick with a few brands whereas wine drinkers have been known to be more experimental and promiscuous. However, the growth in the craft segment and the perpetually confounding millennial generation have begun to turn that theory on its head in recent years as consumers are becoming less loyal to their brands across the board. Read More
William Grant's Jonathan Yusen on Walking the Tightrope Between Mass and Craft
FILED APRIL 12, 2015 William Grant & Sons inhabits a unique space in the US spirits category. While other international organizations and brands have struggled to maintain relevance and consumer interest during the craft spirits boom, William Grant Read More
Beer and Spirits Outshine Constellation's Wine Portfolio in Fiscal 2015
FILED APRIL 9, 2015 Constellation Brands' year-end earnings call this morning was largely in-line with the trends we've seen from the company all year. The group delivered 24% net sales growth reaching $6 billion for the year ended February 28, but the driving force behind the company was its beer portfolio, not wine and spirits. Read More
A Look at What's Eating the Value Wine Segment
FILED APRIL 8, 2015 In a reversal of trends seen during the recession, the wine category has recently seen wines priced above $9 driving growth while wines below $9 have trailed off significantly. In our most recent IRI data, table wines priced $20 and up were leading category growth with a 22% sales increase and gaining half a share point for the 4 weeks ended March 22. Read More
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