Spirits Off to Slow Start in 2017
FILED FEBRUARY 23, 2017 While we don't believe there's cause for alarm, there have been a couple mentions so far this year that January was a slow month for spirits. Now we've got the numbers to back up those claims: for the 4 weeks ending January 28, spirits sales increased by 3% (compared to 4.5% for the 52 weeks) and volumes increased by 0.7% in all Nielsen-measured channels. Read More
Educate Don't Pontificate
FILED FEBRUARY 22, 2017 When it comes to communicating about wine, there's a growing disconnect between the industry and the consumers. The results of a recent study showed the more consumers were told what a wine tasted like or was supposed to taste like, the less likely they were to buy it, according Gilian Handelman of Jackson Family Wines. "People want to make up their own mind about how it tastes," she said at the 2017 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Read More
Alert, Bacardi Takes Stake in Ilegal Mezcal
FILED FEBRUARY 21, 2017 Bacardi has taken a minority stake in the Ilegal Mezcal brand, which simultaneously announced it is entering a national distribution agreement with Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits (SGWS). Ilegal will continue to operate independently under founder John Rexer as well as maintaining its current business structure and employee base. Read More
Craft Spirits Go Corporate
FILED FEBRUARY 21, 2017 Your editor just got back from the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) conference last week, and I'm ready to declare 2017 the year that craft went corporate. Although some of them might consider that slander, I don't mean it negatively. I mean that in its fourth year, ACSA and its attendees are almost unrecognizably organized and unified compared to the rag-tag bunch of day dreamers it was three years ago. Read More
Changing Consumer Tastes Advance Flavored Tequila and Irish Whiskey
FILED FEBRUARY 17, 2017 Earlier this week we shared some trend predictions from industry experts based on what they've seen in the market [see WSD 02-15-2017]. Today, we'll take a look at market trends based on data as IWSR's Brandy Rand identifies coming trends and areas of opportunities. Somewhere between the two lies the key to success. Read More
Brenne Sets Itself Apart with Terroir Emphasis
FILED FEBRUARY 16, 2017 By all accounts Brenne is a craft whisky maker's whisky. It's a French single malt well-known and respected within craft circles, but it hasn't quite reached that tipping point in the mainstream yet. Brenne was created by Allison Patel, a tireless former ballerina whose first job in New York was cleaning apartments. Read More
Panelists Play Judge, Jury and Executioner for Industry's Current Trends
FILED FEBRUARY 15, 2017 It's safe to say no one in this business wants to miss out on the next Tito's, so when something new comes along or gains traction--as it often does--every company must determine if it is a long-term trend or just a fad. "A fad will burn bright for a short while. But if you see that the trend is being driven by credibility. That to me, means it's a trend," said Jon Collins, president Nielsen CGA at the recent WSD Summit. Read More
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