Dear Client:  Several states are grappling with the out-of-state retailer shipping issue–mostly within the courts system– and most states are holding firm on their stance to prohibit out-of-state retailer shipping.OHIO FILES MOTION TO DISMISS. Earlier this week, Ohio filed a motion to dismiss the retailer shipping suit filed by Illinois-based retailer House of Glunz along … Continue reading “Ohio AG Claims Retailer Shipping Suit Ignores 21st Amendment”

Dear Client:   We’ve been providing a pretty granular view of current trends with Nielsen’s weekly updates. Today, we’re zooming out for a full look at this year’s summer trends from Memorial Day to Labor Day (week ended May 23 to the week ended September 12). SPIRITS SALES UP $1.5 BILLION. Spirits sales were up … Continue reading “2020 Summer Trends that’ll Likely Continue into OND”

Dear Client:   By the latest count there are about 908 wineries and 1,297 vineyards in Oregon – the production and value from which continues to grow.  In 2019, total wine grape production in the state was up 5.4% to 105,586 tons, and the total value of that production grew nearly 14% to $237.8 million, … Continue reading “The Oregon Wine Industry by the Numbers”

Dear Client:  As the pandemic forces people to remain indoors and stay connected virtually, it’s not surprising that the majority of wine producers are spending more on digital efforts.  According to the Wine Industry Financial Symposium’s annual executive survey, almost 49% of the 130+ respondents said they’re spending more on digital by reallocating other marketing … Continue reading “What’s Impacting Winery Revenue (the Good and the Bad)”

Dear Client:  This week the 29th annual Wine Industry Financial Symposium took place virtually. There’s a lot to unpack from the two-day event, but first here’s a few highlights and common themes.  PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT! (Insert Ross Geller gif here). To deal with the impact of the pandemic, the most successful businesses were able to … Continue reading “There is No ‘Return to Normal’”

Dear Client:  Yesterday, we published the first part of our conversation with Riboli Family Wines fourth generation winemaker Anthony Riboli about what’s driving growth behind their largest brand, Stella Rosa [see WSD 09-16-2020]. Picking up where we left off, Anthony discusses innovation, opportunities for growth and more.  CONSUMERS GUIDE INNOVATION. You may recall, Anthony explained … Continue reading “Part II: Where Riboli Family Sees Growth Opportunities for Stella Rosa”

Dear Client:  Riboli Family Wines grew by more than 100,000 cases with double-digit increases in 2019, according to Nielsen. That growth is led by its largest brand, Stella Rosa, which represents about 70% of the company’s overall business.  Stella Rosa sold more than 2.5 million cases in 2019 and this year that’s grown to more … Continue reading “Behind Stella Rosa’s Impressive Growth”

Dear Client:  For the last three years, the ready-to-drink segment has been the fastest-growing global category by volume, according to IWSR. (Note, IWSR includes FMBs, hard seltzers, canned cocktails etc. within the RTD category.) It’s obviously a hot category to play in and it’s attracting more –and bigger–players.  In the US, RTDs now account for … Continue reading “Spirits Companies Moving in on Seltzers”

Dear Client: Constellation Brands announced today it has acquired Kentucky-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Company. The acquisition “aligns with Constellation’s wine and spirits vision to be a bold and innovative, high-end portfolio of distinctive brands and products that deliver exceptional consumer experiences,” per a release. No financial details were disclosed. You may recall, Constellation initially took … Continue reading “Constellation Acquires Copper & Kings American Brandy Co.”

Dear Client:  Pre-COVID, on/off-premise bev alc sales were about an 80/20 split. Of course, with on-premise shutdowns and restrictions the balance has shifted even further to off-premise. But younger drinkers were already gravitating more towards at-home/off-premise consumption, according to IWSR.  TRENDS DRIVING AT-HOME OCCASION. In a recent analysis, IWSR outlined a number of macro and … Continue reading “IWSR: COVID Only Accelerated Shift Toward At-Home Consumption”

Dear Client:  Last month, Minnesota-based Phillips Distilling Company named MillerCoors vet Andy England as its new ceo [see WSD 08-11-2020]. We got Andy on the horn to discuss his new position, getting back into bev alc and what it’s like starting a new job during a pandemic. ANDY ON GETTING BACK INTO BEV ALC. Andy … Continue reading “MillerCoors Vet on Taking the Helm at Phillips Distilling Co.”

Dear Client:  Constellation Brands cfo Garth Hankinson took the virtual stage today at Barclays 2020 Global Consumer Staples Conference. The bulk of the session was spent on the company’s beer business, but Garth did provide a look at the company’s wine and spirits e-commerce and ad spend strategies.  BOOSTING E-COMMERCE CAPABILITIES. “E-commerce has gained more … Continue reading “Constellation CFO Talks E-Commerce, Ad Spending & Gallo Sale”

Dear Client:  Over the past five years, tequila’s share has more than doubled on the Drizly platform from 3.09% in 2016 to 6.52% in 2020, according to a recent Drizly BevAlc Insights report. And that trend has accelerated during COVID months. In fact, tequila has increased 1.54% in overall order share year-over-year, accounting for 6.65% … Continue reading “Tequila Rapidly Gaining Share on Drizly Platform”

Dear Client:  Yesterday, we reported that WX Brands plans to invest more dollars into digital, because “we think that will be very impactful for the rest of 2020,” according to WX Brands president and ceo Peter Byck [see WSD 09-03-2020]. They’ve already done a number of virtual tastings for distributor and retail partners as well … Continue reading “COVID Hasn’t Disrupted WX Brands’ Plans to Strengthen On-Premise Presence”

Dear Client:  WX Brands landed on Nielsen’s list of wine suppliers that grew by more than 100,000 cases, with double-digit increases in 2019. Overall, they’re weathering the COVID storm pretty well, with their Bread & Butter brand being a big growth driver.  The company has three main lines of business: exclusive label wines for retail … Continue reading “Bread & Butter Aims to “Uncomplicate” the Wine Category with New Campaign”