Dear Client:In the US, Pernod Ricard started its fiscal year on the right foot, with organic sales up 6% for the first quarter ended September 30 thanks to innovation and advance shipments, with an underlying trend of 4%.Jameson continues to report strong growth in the US, up high single digits. Jameson Black Barrel reported “strong … Continue reading “Shipments and Innovation Boost Pernod Q1 Sales”

Dear Client:Casual dining sports bar chain, Winking Lizard Tavern, has about 23 locations in Ohio, including a couple of its high-end, whiskey oriented concepts, called Lizardville. You can imagine that the bulk of their bev alc sales comes from beer. But WLT director of operations John Lane told WSD that they’re growing share of spirits and … Continue reading “How this Sports Bar is Growing Share of Spirits and Wine”

Dear Client:Despite yesterday’s coverage that wine volume trends may be in trouble [see WSD 10-14-2019], the majority of wine producers (85%) are projecting revenue growth and 75% are projecting greater profitability, according to the Wine Industry Financial Symposium’s annual executive survey.REVENUE DRIVERS & CHALLENGES. The survey breaks respondents down between large (more than 100,000 9L … Continue reading “Winery Execs on DTC v. 3-Tier Sales Growth”

Dear Client:Spirits volumes have been growing pretty steadily over the last five quarters between 2.3%-2.6%, while wine volumes have been on a downward trend hitting -1.4% in Q2 2019, according to SipSource’s latest quarterly report. You may recall, SipSource was launched earlier this year by Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America. It includes real depletion data … Continue reading “SipSource: Wine Volume Trends Show Early Warning Signs”

Dear Client:In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know that the House is moving forward with an impeachment inquiry of President Trump following a whistleblower’s complaint. D.C. is all abuzz with hearings and subpoenas. That got us wondering, could the impeachment inquiry impact the passage of the Craft Beverage … Continue reading “Could Impeachment Inquiry Hinder Passage of FET Reduction Bill?”

Dear Client:Earlier this week, Constellation Brands hosted a wine and spirits investors day in Napa. Constellation evp and president of wine & spirits, Robert Hanson, outlined the broader company strategy for the wine and spirits division as well as the 10 brands they’re really focusing on [see WSD 10-08-2019]. Constellation cmo Jim Sabia also took the … Continue reading “Constellation’s W&S Marketing Strategy, Plus a Host of Upcoming Innovations”

Dear Client:Johnson Bros. has agreed to pay the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Authority (VABC) $51,300 as part of a settlement agreement for allegedly violating the state’s wholesale laws. VABC Bureau of Law Enforcement personnel conducted investigations between October 2018 and June 2019, finding that Johnson Bros. and Riverside Imports (which partners with Johnson Bros.) failed to … Continue reading “Johnson Bros. Fined for Violating Virginia ABC Wholesale Laws”

Dear Client:Last week, Constellation Brands reported pretty dismal numbers for its wine and spirits business, with net sales down almost 9% and depletions down 13% for the second quarter [see WSD 10-03-2019]. And the short-term outlook doesn’t look better – they expect their wine and spirits division to end fiscal 2020 with net sales down … Continue reading “Constellation to Focus on 10 Key Wine and Spirits Brands”

Dear Client:Last week, the World Trade Organization sided with the US in its dispute with the European Union over aircraft subsidies, which opened the door for the Trump Administration to move forward with a 25% tariff increase on a host of European goods including Scotch and wine [see WSD 10-03-2019].While the list did include selected … Continue reading “Bernstein: Proposed EU Tariffs “Crucially” Excludes Certain Bev Alc Categories”

Dear Client:Wine industry execs gathered in Napa this week for the 28th annual Wine Industry Financial Symposium (which is pretty easy to do since most of them are already there.) There’s a lot to unpack from the two-day event, but first here’s a few highlights and hot topics. CAPTURING THE HARD SELTZER CONSUMER. You just can’t … Continue reading “Wine Execs on Capturing the Hard Seltzer Consumer”

Dear Client:Constellation Brands’ wine and spirits business continues to decline as they await FTC approval for its sale of 30+ brands to E&J Gallo. Indeed, wine and spirits net sales were down almost 9%, depletions were down 13% and shipments were down 10% in the second quarter ended August 31. “We continue to work with the … Continue reading “Delayed Gallo Deal Weighs Down Constellation’s Wine & Spirits Biz”

Dear Client:The World Trade Organization sided with the US in its dispute with the European Union over aircraft subsidies, giving the Trump Administration the green light to move forward with retaliatory tariffs on billions of dollars worth of European goods, which may include Irish whiskey and Scotch.This is part of a 14-year long dispute between … Continue reading “WTO Gives Trump Admin Greenlight to Implement Tariffs on EU Goods”

Dear Client:Almost immediately after the US Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Total Wine & More v. Tennessee case, several separate retailer shipping lawsuits were filed in Kentucky, New Jersey, Texas and Indiana [see WSD 07-19-2019]. Here’s how they’re progressing. They may be separate cases, but the underlying argument is the same: the state … Continue reading “The State of Current Retailer Shipping Cases”

Dear Client:On Friday, we published the first part of our interview with Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey founding partner Ken Austin [see WSD 09-27-2019]. Today we’ll pick up where we left off as Ken discusses similarities between Irish whiskey and high-end tequila categories as well as whether Proper No. Twelve would ever be up for … Continue reading “Part II: Irish Whisky to Follow in Tequila’s Footsteps?”

Dear Client:Irish whiskey is the fastest growing segment within the broader whiskey category, and Jameson still controls the lion’s share (almost 75%) of the market. But new entrants are beginning to nip at Jameson’s heels, including MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve.  Your editor recently sat down with founding partner Ken Austin to discuss how … Continue reading “Proper No. Twelve: “We’re not Here to Take Part, We’re Here to Takeover””