9th Annual Wine & Spirits Daily Summit 2021 – Virtual

Wine & Spirits Summit:

Join us for the 9th annual WIne & Spirits Daily Summit January 19, 2021 — to be streamed virtually and available on-demand.

Take a look at the agenda so far, in no particular order, (some speakers may appear virtually, depending on the situation) :

-Stephanie Gallo, CMO, E&J Gallo. (Gallo, who produces the best bev-alc executives in the world and is considered best-in-class in marketing and chain sales.)

-Claudia Schubert, US and Canada Spirits head, Diageo, (The largest spirits company in the world and a master marketer of brands.)

-Cory Rellas, CEO, Drizly (Covid taught us that online ordering from home is actually a thing, and that it’s here to stay. Drizly is the leader in bev-alc home delivery.)

-John Wittig, Chief Commercial Officer, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. (The largest bev-alc distributor in the world, and growing.)

–Alexandra Evans, CMO, Precept Wine. (Cool wine, well defined.)

-Earl Kight, Founder/Head of Sales, Cutwater Spirits, (How a quintessential beer guy is making it in the craft spirits world — with other beer people.)

-Merrilee Kick, CEO, Southern Champion/BuzzBallz. (This stuff is moving and moving fast at the Point-of-Sale at checkout. It’s a grab-and-go option that is often ignored.)

-James Morissey, co-founder, Maison No.9. (Post Malone and others have proved that celebrity partnerships matter. Here’s why.)

-Kurt Jetta, Executive Chairman and Founder, TABS Analytics. (All the numbers, all the numbers in the world.).

And more……

Beer Industry Summit, the previous day (discount if you come to both):

Join us for the 18th annual Beer Industry Summit January 18, 2021 — to be streamed virtually and available on-demand.

We have execs lined up from: Mike’s, Constellation, Molson Coors, AB, Gallo, Southern Glazers, Geloso, Boston Beer, Diageo, Walmart, Amazon, Cutwater ….. and several more. 

Take a look at the agenda so far, in no particular order :

–John Shea, new CMO of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, (that took over from Sanjiv, in his first beer industry public appearance).

–Bill Newlands, President and CEO of Constellation Brands (the fastest growing beer company in the U.S. despite inevitable product shortages due to Covid-19).

-Michel Doukeris – CEO of Anheuser-Busch, the largest division of the largest brewer in the world, which is coming out fast and furious with a slew of new products and innovations in 2021.

–Pete Marino, President of Emerging Growth, Molson Coors Beverage Company, (who has introduced more new product partnerships in the last two months than anybody).

–Paul Rene, US Business Director, Geloso Beverages. (The fastest growing malt FMB marketer you’ve never heard of.)

–Jim Koch, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Boston Beer Co. (Truly, Twisted ….. His company’s stock price is broaching $1,000 a share — ’nuff said.)

–Sam Calagione, Founder, Dogfish Head Brewing Co. (Once the smallest brewery in the U.S. makes good and is consistently growing.)

–Jason Fremstad, Vice President, Adult Beverage, Walmart. (It’s a retailer based in Arkansas. Not really sure why we invited them — they must be important. Ha, I tease, huge influencer on how bev-alc is sold.)

-Mary Guiver, Global Senior Category Merchant, Beer & Spirits at Whole Foods Market. (High end retailer – in tune with where the market is going. They are also owned by a larger company. Hint: It starts with an A.)

–Patrick Livingston, Principal, Client Insights, Beer, Wine and Spirits, IRI Worldwide. (They have all the numbers, all the numbers in the world.)


Once again we will have our 18th annual Beer Industry Summit immediately before the Wine & Spirits Daily Summit, starting January 18, 2021. If you want to learn more about the competition, and we think you do, then we recommend attending both Summits at our discounted price.



The Wine & Spirits Daily Summit regularly attracts top suppliers, distributors and retailer executives in the U.S. wine and spirits industry, in addition to craft distillers, financial analysts, advertising executives and more. Although we will be missing the networking opportunities that is often a highlight of our in-person conference, attending the virtual summit will surely provide an interactive and engaging experience.

Check out our photos from past Summits.


Tuesday January 19th will include an entire day general session.


On your computer, tablet, or smart phone.


No travel needed.


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The dress code for the Wine & Spirits Daily Summit is….. there really is no dress code. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Most people wear business casual.


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