A Talk with Tequila Avion’s Ken Austin

Tequila Avion is a new, ultra-premium tequila to hit the stage, currently available in California through Young's Market and New York through Empire Distributing (part of Charmer Sunbelt). If you watch HBO's Entourage, you may have heard of it because the brand is a major part of the storyline so far this season. Ken Austin is the founder and chairman of Tequila Avion, and is returning to the spirits industry after spending the last 10 years in aviation. (Ken is still executive vice chairman of Marquis Jet). Ken started his career at E&J Gallo, where he spent 2 years. Then he worked for the Seagram Company for 13 years. "So for the first 15 years of my working career I was in the beverage business and have had a major affinity for the business for a long time," he told us. After Seagram was sold he joined Marquis Jet, a start-up with founder Kenny Dichter and others and partnered with Warren Buffett's NetJets in a similar manner as beverage distributors and their supplier partners. Here's what else Ken had to say as you, dear reader, are a fly on the wall:

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