Younger Millennials Not So Wine Friendly

For years now the term "Millennial" (aged 21-34) has been a big buzzword in the wine industry. There are a lot of them, and they're drinking wine at a much faster rate than the older generations did at that age. "Millennials and to a lesser extent Generation X are clearly driving our market growth," said John Gillespie of Wine Opinions, a consumer research firm, at the Wine Industry Financial Symposium this week. It's certainly an exciting prospect, but John pointed out that there are two types of Millennials. The older Millennials are generally sitting pretty. But the younger Millennials, those individuals just getting out of college, are in a particularly tough spot. Even more alarming, their salary prospect may not improve for many, many years. New evidence from Wine Opinions suggests that perhaps as a result, they're not drinking as much wine as the older Millennials.

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