Wine Brands Fight for a Piece of the Female Demographic

With 52% of women saying they drink wine more often than spirits or beer, the female consumer is undeniably a key demographic for the wine industry. It's no wonder the mid-2000s saw an influx of wine brands designed with women in mind, a trend that has only become more evident today. In the spring, Treasury Wine Estate launched Be. line of wines aimed squarely at the millennial female consumer with names like Flirty Pink Moscato and Radiant Riesling. W.J Deutsch & Sons released the Flirt red blend this year as well. Deutsch & Sons president Tom Steffanci said at the time: "A precious few brands have been able to combine wine style, value and brand cues that really appeal to female consumers. We are confident that we've nailed it." And that's just to name a few high-profile brands.

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