What’s New at Centennial

Dallas/Fort Worth has been a hotbed of retailer activity since many of the formerly "dry" counties voted to go wet. You'll recall there were press reports recently that Spec's Wines, Spirits and Finer Foods, which is the largest liquor store chain in Texas, was in talks to purchase Sigel's Beverages of Dallas. But in mid-January the Dallas Morning News reported that the deal was off, although Spec's appeared confident that could reignite talks at a later date. Meanwhile, Total Wine & More is soon moving to Dallas as its first entry point into Texas, and Trade Joe's will soon set up camp in 3 different locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But our focus today is on Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits - the largest chain in North Texas, where it operates 40 stores (including Big Daddy's and Majestic).

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