WA Supreme Ct Upholds 1183

The majority of Washington Supreme Court justices have made their decision. Initiative 1183 is constitutional and does not violate the state's single-subject rule or subject-in-title rule as appellants alleged. However, there were four dissenters: Justice Charles Johnson, Justice Mary Fairhurst, Justice Tom Chambers (in part) and Justice Charles Wiggins. After almost 10 years of fighting to strike down a host of three-tier laws in Washington - including volume discounts and direct-to-retail sales - Costco is victorious. However, many in the industry predict that even the big box retailer will regret this leap to privatization one day. That, of course, remains to be seen. Issues currently at stake are whether prices will dramatically go up, if selection will suffer and if Costco will get its way in retail-to-retail sales?

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