The Chocolate Wine Phenomenon

Americans seem to be more in favor of "sweet" things these days. We're seeing this trend with dessert flavored vodkas, for example, and also chocolate flavored wine. Although it is still a relatively small, niche category, it is growing fast and resonating particularly well with consumers who do not typically drink wine. So we caught up with Andrew Browne, ceo of Precept Wine, to talk about their Chocolate Shop red wine. They rolled out the brand in February 2011. Fast forward to January 2012 and they are just north of 50,000 cases, making it the top selling chocolate red wine brand available and the second largest chocolate wine overall, based on recent trends from both Nielsen and SymphonyIRI. (Cream-based ChocoVine remains the largest chocolate wine). Precept has 7 chocolate wines in total, but Chocolate Shop red wine is the most successful so far.

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