Napa Valley’s Folio Fine Wine Partners, founded by Michael Mondavi, today announced a new marketing deal with Lenz Moser which will bring two Austrian Gruner Veltliner wines to their portfolio. The two wines fall under the Laurenz V label and are entitled “Charming” and “Singing.” In a statement Lenz Moser said: “Representing the 6th and … Continue reading “AN AUSTRIAN DEAL FOR FOLIO FINE WINE”

Fortune Brands’ wine and spirits category showed strong growth along with an overall profit jump of 14% and a 33% rise in sales. The company said it benefited from “the addition and growth of newly acquired spirits and wine brands,” which had double-digit sales gains thanks to last year’s acquisition of Allied Domecq brands, including … Continue reading “FORTUNE BRANDS SHOW DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH FOR WINE AND SPIRITS”

Led in a survey by Australian winemaker McWilliam’s Wine, 1,100 U.S. consumers answered questions concerning the Australian wine industry. Over half of the respondents reported they drink more wine than beer (52%) although half said they have never tried wine from Australia, also 52%. Out of the survey participants, 86% said they didn’t realize Australia … Continue reading “65% OF AMERICANS WANT TO TRY WINE FROM “DOWN UNDER” OVER ANY OTHER COUNTRY”

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled in favor of Pernod Ricard in a U.S. trademark battle with Dutch company Stichting Lodestar. The ruling rejected Stichting’s application to register the trademark “Wile Geese” for alcoholic beverages due to its similarity to Pernod’s Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon. The Trademark … Continue reading “BIRDS OF A FEATHER DON’T FLOCK TOGETHER”

Napa County had another great agricultural year according to the 2005 Napa County Agricultural Crop Report. The total value of all farm production in the county topped a half-billion with wine grapes accounting for an impressive 55% at $541 million. The wine grape success had a lot to do with weather, growing conditions and harvest … Continue reading “GRAPES REIGN AS KING IN NAPA”

Yesterday, the Florida House unanimously approved HB 247, sponsored by Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, that will not allow wine producers making more than 250,000 gallons a year to deliver directly to residents. The bill must now go on to the Senate for approval. A separate Senate bill (SB 282) ready for floor consideration does not include … Continue reading “CAPS THREATENING TO BOTTLE WINE SHIPMENT BILLS”

Paso Robles Wine Services announced today that they are in the second phase of constructing a new facility that will serve as a consolidated cased good and wine shipping center. It is scheduled to open this fall. “Last year’s bumper crop and the increased number of wineries in the area translate to the highest production … Continue reading “PASO ROBLES SPREADING OUT”

The Florida House finally decided on a bill Tuesday that will allow Florida consumers to buy their wine over the internet or by mail order, but only from wineries that produce less than 250,000 gallons a year. The bill also caps shipments to 18 cases a year per individual, and requires wineries to report excise … Continue reading “CAPPED BILLS REPLACE DIRECT DELIVERY”

Brown-Forman announced yesterday that Andrew Smith, president of Brown-Forman Spirits in Europe, Africa and Eurasia, informed the company that he will retire on May 31, 2006. Andrew joined the company in 1990 as vice president and marketing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “It is not an exaggeration to say that Andrew Smith is … Continue reading “ANDREW SMITH SAYS FAREWELL TO BROWN-FORMAN”

Known for their innovative packaging, The Three Thieves have launched a Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon in a juice box style package. The Tetra Prisma 250ml four-pack – called a “Bullet” – contains 1/3 more than the wine industry standard for single serving portions and is sealed with a pull tab. “Bandit Bullets can be … Continue reading “FORGET CORKS AND SCREWCAPS FOR A NEW PULL ON WINE”

Sonoma County growers are backing SB1380, a “truth in labeling” law – much like recent Napa legislation – that would ensure Sonoma grapes are used in a wine with Sonoma on the label. Under the bill wine brands with Sonoma in the title must use at least 75% of Sonoma County grapes. Currently, wine brands … Continue reading “SONOMA COUNTY GROWERS OUT FOR A NAME”

UST’s subsidiary International Wine & Spirits Ltd. announced their 1st quarter earnings today showing a 9.1% increase in wine sales and an 8.3% rise in premium case sales. During the quarter, the company announced that through its own subsidiary, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, they reached an agreement to form a partnership with the Antinori family … Continue reading “INTERNATIONAL WINE & SPIRITS 1ST QUARTER RESULTS”

French wine imports have slowly gone done in the past couple of years, but a new study conducted by two Stanford economists suggests political reasoning could be at the root. In response to France’s opposition to the war in Iraq, many Americans boycotted French wine which may have cost millions in sales. Weekly sales of … Continue reading “FREEDOM FRIES AND FRENCHIE WINE”

Gov. Robert Ehrlich of Maryland said late last week that he plans to sign two bills: one that will allow in-state and out-of-state wineries producing up to 27,500 gallons to sell directly to restaurants and retailers, and the other that would allow restaurant goers to take home leftover wine. Proponents of the corked wine law … Continue reading “TAKE HOME WINE IN THE “OLD LINE STATE.””

As is often discussed and widely reported, wine is growing more and more popular in the U.S. especially with younger, but legal, generations. Millennials are toting wine to parties more frequently than older adults since many of them grew up with wine-drinking, baby boomer parents, making them more willing to sample different varietals and foreign … Continue reading “DO DRINKERS KNOW SOMETHING EVERYONE ELSE DOESN’T?”