While it’s still somewhat of a new concept, wine companies are beginning to take the necessary actions to market to millennial drinkers, an age group that was once dominated by beer companies. Today’s millennials (21-30) are the fast growing wine consumption demographic. As a result, many in the industry have attributed the surge in U.S. … Continue reading “KENDALL JACKSON LAUNCHES MILLENNIAL DIVISION”

Despite easy global comps, 5.6% organic sales growth was negatively affected by tough U.S. comps for ex-Allied brands and delayed promotions in the U.S., Spain, France and China.Spirits operations recorded organic growth of 7.3%, while wine fell 4.7%, primarily in the U.K. and U.S.Driven by premiumization and favorable brand mix, Pernod’s top 15 brands, including … Continue reading “PERNOD SEES UNSTABLE GROWTH IN Q1”

Diageo has applied to Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission for clearance to further explore Independent Liquor, a New Zealand producer of RTD brands including Vodka Cruiser, Mudshake and FX, according to Just Drinks.Lion Nathan, Foster’s Group and Coca-Cola Amatil, along with two private equity groups, are also said to be in the race for Independent. … Continue reading “DIAGEO LOOKS TO BUY IN AUSTRALIA”

The 2006 Best Overall Performance Award from W.J. Deutsch was awarded to Glazer’s of Louisiana as a part of the “W.J. Deutsch multi-brand “Fast Start Program.” “We acknowledge this very deserved award to Glazer’s Distributors of Louisiana with heartfelt respect, and in particular, in recognition of the company’s ability to overcome all of the difficulties … Continue reading “W.J. DEUTSCH AWARDS GLAZER’S OF LOUISIANA”

European wine-producers are still having a hard time agreeing on reform. The EU’s Farm Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel stresses the need for European winemakers to simplify labels and produce more desirable wines if they ever want to recover world market share, but many in the industry are having trouble making changes. The main problems for … Continue reading “EU FARM MINISTER PLEADS FOR REFORM”

U.S. spirits volumes slowed a bit to 3.25% in September, but are up 4.7% ytd according to UBS research. NABCA, or Control States, volumes show a similar decreasing trend with a 3.25% rise in September, down from 4.92% in August and 4.74% ytd. Nevertheless, UBS gives a positive outlook for U.S. spirits, “particularly on the … Continue reading “U.S. SPIRITS DWINDLE IN VOLUME”

Constellation announced today that executive vp and cfo Tom Summer plans to retire in May of 2007. Summer, who has been CFO since 1997, said he was “looking forward to exploring a variety of new challenges and spending more time with my family.” He agreed to continue his position until May to help the company … Continue reading “CONSTELLATION’S CFO SET TO RETIRE”

The European Commission issued its strategy in dealing with alcohol abuse today, which has managed to keep a majority of trade bodies happy. The Commission recognized that member states have the right to regulate alcohol within their country, and did not include EU-wide legislation. The Commission reportedly plans to set up an Alcohol and Health … Continue reading “THE EU “REJECTS ATTEMPTS TO HIJACK” ITS ALCOHOL STRATEGY”

Charles Krug (owned by the Peter Mondavi family) is converting five of its seven Napa vineyards to meet organic requirements including eschewing pesticides, irradiation, bioengineering and man-made fertilizers, according to MSNBC. Three of its vineyards in the Yountville and St. Helena areas, totaling 250 acres, were certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers trade association … Continue reading “CHARLES KRUG GOES ORGANIC”

France’s National Appellations Institute (INAO) said it had proposed a law to allow the country’s Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) regions to ban or limit the use of oak wood chips in wine. Although the practice was approved by the European Commission, the INAO remains concerned that using oak chips may damage the quality of wine … Continue reading “FRENCH AUTHORITIES TO BAN OAK CHIPS”

WSD reported on Friday, Russian Standard Vodka filed a lawsuit last week against Pernod Ricard and Allied Domecq in a New York district court. Russian Standard accuses both companies of falsely advertising that Stoli comes from Russia (Pernod gained Stoli with the Allied Domecq acquisition.) While Pernod claims Stolichnaya is distilled and produced in Russia, … Continue reading “RUSSIAN STANDARD SUES PERNOD FOR “FALSE ADVERTISING””

North Bay’s largest commercial and wine-label printer, Renaissance Mark, closed its 76,000-sq-ft Napa plant, making room for competitors. Reports the North Bay Business Journal, Renaissance Mark closed the plant on September 29, causing 69 employees to lose their jobs as a result. The company is reportedly planning to shift its print work to Nevada and … Continue reading “NAPA LABEL PRINTER CLOSES SHOP”

Folio Fine Wine Partners (founded by Michael Mondavi) announced they have added Celler Vall Llach from the Priorat region of Spain to their portfolio.”We’re very excited to be representing Celler Vall Llach here in the U.S.,” said Rob Mondavi, co-founder and president of winegrowing, Folio Fine Wine Partners. “I’ve been obsessed with the wines from … Continue reading “FOLIO WINE ADDS LATEST BRAND”

Tennessee continues to face ongoing direct to consumer litigation after Rick Jelovsek filed a lawsuit in a federal District Court last week. Joined by the S.L. Thomas Family Winery, Rick is challenging Tennessee’s current law that prohibits the direct shipment of wine to consumers. According to local reports, the state tried to have the case … Continue reading “TENNESSE FACES ONGOING LITIGATION”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has overturned a prohibition on cents-off rebate coupons for malt beverages, wine and cider that takes effect November 1. The beer and wine industry petitioned the state after a February 2006 amendment that allows spirits companies to offer money-back-by-mail coupons for discounts that increase as more alcohol is purchased. Beer, … Continue reading “OREGON STATE TO GRANT MAIL-IN REBATES”