Pernod Ricard reported what they called an “absolutely outstanding” 2007-2008 fiscal year despite the economy, although there is no doubt the U.S. remains and will continue to be a difficult market. The company said it experienced strong growth in emerging markets and continuing strong growth in western markets overall.Managing director Pierre Pringuet and deputy managing … Continue reading “Pernod Reveals Mixed Fiscal Results”

Earlier this week it was revealed that a fake restaurant was awarded Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Since then, forums, blogs and industry publications have been blowing up with opinions over the issue. Dr. Vino’s wine blog first covered the story on Tuesday with the opening words: “If you decided to get a Wine Spectator … Continue reading “Wine Spectator: Unfairly Duped?”

In an interesting note, a 4000-case shipment from New Zealand winery Te Kairanga was rejected by a German company due to a high level of copper. The customer claimed the level of copper in Te Kairanga’s pinot noir (3.6 parts per million) was well over the European recommended limit (1ppm). As you’ll recall, copper is … Continue reading “SCREW CAPS BLAMED FOR HIGH COPPER LEVEL”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says it plans to develop a new program to stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants by March 24. The agency issued a legal brief last week in response to U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer’s decision to indefinitely delay the Buch administration’s first immigration policy. As you’ll recall, the Bush … Continue reading “BUSH ADMINISTRATION TO FORM NEW ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION POLICY”

Market Watch has named Patron “Spirits Brand of the Year,” describing the brand as having “unprecedented success” in the US. The magazine’s annual “Leaders Choice Awards” polls approximately 200 of the largest retailers in the US to choose one spirit brand, one beer and one wine.“Back in 1989 when Patrón was first introduced to the … Continue reading “PATRON WINS “SPIRITS BRAND OF THE YEAR.””

Polish-based Sobieski Vodka says it is entering the US “to overthrow overpriced vodkas,” through its sole importer Imperial Brands, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Belvedere. Not only is Sobieski highlighting the low-retail price, but it’s playing on heritage as well. The brand is reportedly named after Poland’s King Jan III Sobieski who saved Europe from the … Continue reading “SOBIESKI’S “TRUTH IN VODKA” AIMS TO OVERTHROW LUXURY COMPETITION”

Union workers at Kroger Co. stores in Dallas and Houston averted a strike by ratifying a three-year agreement with the grocery chain on a new contract that had been hung up on health care benefits, according to the AP.The contract, ratified Sunday, provides wage increases, increased vacation and affordable health care, said Chad Young, a … Continue reading “KROGER STRIKE AVOIDED IN TEXAS”

shows that most consumers view wines with screw caps to be the same quality as wines with corks. More than 50% of responders viewed screw caps as having the same quality, while 35% believed they were less quality. Only 2% of respondents believed screw caps were of higher quality, while 10% said they did not … Continue reading “A SURVEY CONDUCTED BY THE CALIFORNIA WINE CLUB”