The time is ripe for mergers and acquisitions as almost all alcohol beverage companies are currently looking to get more involved in whichever sector they currently hold a minority stake. A-B and Constellation is leaning towards spirits, while Diageo is looking at wine.Diageo chief Paul Walsh told Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper in an interview released Sunday:”We … Continue reading “DIAGEO’S PAUL WALSH HAS WINE ON THE BRAIN”

Speculation alert: Shares of Fortune Brands have grown rapidly from June to Dec. 13, prompting speculation that Fortune may split in two.Spirits, led by Jim Beam, could combine with the golf business, while home and hardware would be “spun off to shareholder,” according to Business Week. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password … Continue reading “GROWING SHARES MAY PROMPT FORTUNE TO SPLIT”

When it comes to selling wine in restaurants, what promotions work? Not all advertising is profitable, and some of the results might surprise you, as they did us. A 12-week study conducted by Brian Wansink Ph.D., director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, and other researchers was aimed at uncovering what kind of … Continue reading “RESTAURANT WINE PROMOTIONS THAT WORK”

Fred Franzia has done it again, managing to strike controversy virtually every time his highly successful company, Bronco Wine, puts out a new brand. This time, however, the brawl is not with Napa wineries.After spending six years in court unsuccessfully fighting for the right to use “Napa” in the name of several brands whose grapes … Continue reading “FRED FRANZIA ISSUING COPYCAT LABELS?”

Kendall-Jackson has once again made plans for a wine grape processing facility in rural Knights Valley after an earlier version met with neighborhood resistance, according to the Press-Democrat. Last week the wine giant issued a scaled-down proposal to build a larger boutique winery and tasting room in Knights Valley after failing to gain acceptance from … Continue reading “KENDALL JACKSON RUFFLING THE LOCALS”

Vincor Canada, a unit of Constellation, announced yesterday it has secured a sponsorship deal with the country’s Olympic and Paralympic Winter games in 2010, along with sponsoring the Canadian Olympic team for the games in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.Two varietals in Vincor’s super-premium price segment will make up the co-branded offering, while … Continue reading “VINCOR’S GOING TO THE OLYMPICS”

Pernod is going above and beyond the regulation requirements in the E.U. by extending a warning display to pregnant women.The wine and spirits company plans to put warning labels to pregnant women on its wine and spirits brands throughout the E.U., where it is already mandatory in France but not in other E.U. countries. The … Continue reading “PERNOD GETS “SENSIBLE.””

Reuters reports that wine and spirits firm Moet Hennessy, majority-owned by French fashion powerhouse LVMH , is in talks to buy into top Chinese liquor maker Jiannanchun. Jiannanchun owns China’s second-biggest brand of baijiu — a grain and sorghum-based alcohol whose name means “white liquor.” The two companies are still in negotiations. On Tuesday WSD … Continue reading “CHINA IS WHERE IT’S AT”

Representatives from wine regions around the globe have joined together to further reinforce truth in labeling laws with consumers. In effort to gain support, members of the wine industry have launched the Wine Place & Origins online petition today (December 15), asserting the importance of location to wine. Much like the recent rulings by the … Continue reading “WINE INDUSTRY PETITIONS FOR TRUTH IN LABELING”

Former Pennsylvania State Senator Joe Conti was named CEO of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board PLCB), but not without some criticism. PLCB Chairman Jonathan Newman loudly opposes the appointment, initiated by Gov. Ed Rendell and confirmed by two other members of the board, on the grounds that more steps should have been taken. Newman claims … Continue reading “DISSENSION ERRUPTS IN PENNSYLVANIA LIQUOR BOARD”

Russian Standard, producer of the Imperia brand, is moving fast to make an imprint on the U.S. vodka market. In addition to its recent lawsuit against Pernod’s Stolichnaya vodka, Russian Standard dropped a whopping $3 million for the internet domain name, confirmed yesterday. Russian billionaire Roustam Tariko purchased the name from an undisclosed seller … Continue reading “RUSSIAN STANDARD DROPS $3M FOR DOMAIN”

IRI numbers indicate that the table wine category rose by 10% in the 4-week period ending December 3, according to Merrill Lynch’s Christine Farkas. Table wine category dollar sales rose 9.8% (similar to 10.7% in October and 10.1% YTD) despite a tough comp (10.5%). Table wine volumes rose 5.5% in November, accelerating slightly from last … Continue reading “WINE CATEGORY GROWING STRONG, BIG THREE TRAILING”

Australian drinks company Foster’s Group said Friday it can’t explain the recent rise in its share price following a query from the Australian Stock Exchange.”The company is not aware of any information concerning it that explains the recent trading in the company’s securities,” Foster’s said in a statement.Foster’s shares were up 4% Thursday and have … Continue reading “FOSTER’S GROUP, HAVEN’T A CLUE”

The EU’s Court of Justice ruled Thursday, November 23 that consumers must pay excise duties when they order alcohol or cigarettes from other EU countries.The court said “only products acquired and transported personally by private individuals are exempt from excise duty in the member state of importation.” The ruling is a setback for Internet companies … Continue reading “EXCISE DUTIES TO REMAIN IN THE EU”

Despite reports of an increased interest in white spirits, Patron Spirits Company has no immediate plans to acquire a gin brand in the near future.With the rum category already conquered, vodka is likely the next step for Patron.COO John McDonnell told WSD:“We have an ultra-premium rum, Pyrat, that is very successful and arguably the second … Continue reading “PATRON SPIRITS: “NO IMMEDIATE INTEREST IN GIN.””