Bacardi is being sued by a woman claiming to have suffered horrific burns during a stunt involving flaming rum during a promotional event at a Miami nightclub in August 2002.The lawsuit, filed on Monday (July 24) states that Danielle Alleyne from Miami was burned after a customer set light to a menu in the club … Continue reading “BACARDI BEING SUED BY AN ALLEGED BURN VICTIM”

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed a leftover wine law on Monday that will allow customer to take home unfinished bottles of wine from restaurants – granted the bottle is sealed in a tamper-proof bag. The law goes into effect Jan. 1. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot … Continue reading “ILLINOIS GOV. OPTS TO RECORK UNFINISHED WINE BOTTLES”

Diageo’s Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is launching a new TV ad entitled “Pizza” that features two of The Captain’s crew members leaving a pub and stopping at a pizza joint for home delivery – of a pie and themselves. The company called it “a witty way to remind consumers that when they are going … Continue reading “CAPTAIN MORGAN KICKS OFF A NEW TV AD”

Jim Beam’s CMO Beth Bronner bid the company ado yesterday, reportedly to “pursue other interests.” Until a replacement is found, John Muller – Beam’s SVP of strategy and corporate development – will sit in Beth’s spot. The resignation comes two days before parent Fortune Brands announces their 2nd-quarter earnings tomorrow, July 27. “John will lead … Continue reading “JIM BEAM’S CMO SUDDENLY DEPARTS”

As the second-largest wine producing state, Washington is making waves with a new marketing campaign. From February to April the state’s wine industry conducted a national branding effort that spiked a 45% increase in Washington wine sales in Tampa, Florida. And while it doesn’t sound like much right now, the country could be seeing a … Continue reading “WASHINGTON WINE SALES UP 45%”

Movies have greatly influenced the popularity of wine in this country (think Sideways) with references here and there, but the connection between Hollywood and alcohol endorsements have become increasingly intertwined as of late. More vintners are trying to get their brands in the picture by donating wine cases to showbiz events and parties, or hiring … Continue reading “WINE AND SPIRITS PLACEMENT IN THE MOVIES”

LVMH’s wine and spirits unit recorded an 18% increase in revenue in the first half of 2006. Helped by strong volume growth, improved product mix, and price increases in key markets, Veuve Clicquot made progress in Europe and the U.S. while Hennessy cognac continued its momentum in China and the U.S.”Over the second half, LVMH … Continue reading “STRONG 1ST-HALF PERFORMANCE FOR LVMH WINE AND SPIRITS”

Need some management and organizational help? Management Dynamic’s Supply Chain Visibility and Event Management solution – currently used first by Glazer’s in the industry – manages their domestic and international supply chain operations. The system replaces manual order and shipment tracking processes which “significantly led to delays and difficulty in determining accurate inventory levels and … Continue reading “GLAZER’S MOVES TO A WEB-BASED MANAGEMENT SOLUTION”

ABB Partners, LLC is launching the first double-distilled Cachaca in the U.S. market, dubbed Cabana Cachaca. Cachaca is rum fermented and distilled in Brazil directly from pressed sugarcane, unlike most rum which is distilled from molasses. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Glazer’s Texas promoted four executives and hired two more to help strengthen the Texas division as a whole, the company said today.Phil Meacham has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Operations & Finance for the State of Texas. He will be responsible for day-to-day operations of all of Glazer’s Texas branches, as … Continue reading “SOME NEW APPOINTMENTS AND PROMOTIONS FOR GLAZER’S TEXAS”

Brown-Forman and Bacardi are the competing forces against Pernod in the quest to take control of Tequila Herradura, one of the largest tequila makers in Mexico. Herradura – which has been on the market since April – has reportedly reached its final bidding days and could go for close to $800 million. “In the US … Continue reading “PERNOD RUMORED TO OFFER PREMIUM PRICE FOR TEQUILA HERRADURA”

Diageo is holding an “Inspired Luxury” program to teach bartenders the “latest mixology trends and serving techniques.” The NY workshop will take place at Country at The Carlton on June 26, and the LA workshop will be held at the East West Lounge on June 28 from 9:30-4:30. Johnnie Walker, No. TEN by Tanqueray, Ciroc … Continue reading “DIAGEO PARTNERING WITH BARTENDERS”

WSD had the chance to sit down with Joseph Anthony, CEO of Vital Marketing – a leader in the multicultural, hip-hop and beverage community that works with clients such as Coca-Cola, Remy Martin, and Motorola – to offer his insights on the current Cristal controversy. The boycott, announced last week, stems from seemingly “racist” comments … Continue reading “WHAT’S TO COME OF CRISTAL?”

Merrill Lynch predicts that Constellation’s 1st quarter results ending May 31 – which they are scheduled to announce on June 29 – will result in 6% sales growth, driven by wine (5%), beer (10%) and spirits (3%). This quarter marks the first time in six quarters with no major impact from acquisitions, though Vincor will … Continue reading “PREDICTIONS FOR CONSTELLATION’S Q-1 EARNINGS”

According to Morgan Stanley’s consumer research report, beer and wine did slightly better this year while spirits were down. For the future, they project 3% annual wine volume growth and 2% spirit growth. One leading factor pushing wine and spirits is that women are increasingly switching from beer to wine and especially spirits, mainly due … Continue reading “WINE POISED FOR A SOLID FUTURE”