It’s been a big week especially in terms of state court cases, so let’s recap and take a look at the week’s events. WHOLESALERS CHALLENGE DIRECT WINE IN OKLAHOMA. Wholesalers in Oklahoma are challenging a voter-approved law that allows in-state winemakers to sell their products directly to liquor stores and restaurants. The lawsuit asserts that … Continue reading “”

There is some dissention among the new, widespread appreciation for screw caps, praised for their convenience and absence of cork-taint – but unrightfully-so according to some industry insiders. Research conducted for this year’s International Wine Challenge claims that screw caps can leave some wine as tainted as corks sometimes do, giving certain traditionalist groups what … Continue reading “NO TAINTED LOVE FOR SCREW CAPS”

Jameson Irish whiskey and Chivas Regal Scotch saw double-digit sales growth last year, Pernod announced today in its 2005-2006 annual results. Pernod saw underlying operating profit jump 72% to $1.6 billion for the year to 30 June. Revenues increased 68%, helped by contributions from brands formerly owned by Allied Domecq. Pernod said its “original” brands … Continue reading “PERNOD SEES GROWTH IN THE U.S”

Wholesalers in Oklahoma are challenging a voter-approved law that allows in-state and out-of-state winemakers to sell their products directly to liquor stores and restaurants. State wine-producers are fighting back, however, as U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot heard both arguments yesterday. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Since the opposition party in Sweden won the election earlier this week, speculation surrounding a possible sale of Vin & Sprit has intensified. As the second ranking premium vodka in the world and second in the U.S. with 10% share, Absolut spawns over half of the company’s sales and sold 9.3 million cases in 2005.According … Continue reading “ABSOLUT COULD GO FOR $4 BILLION”

Kentucky State has filed a suit in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate a provision requiring customers to make face-to-face wine purchases. Last month U.S. District Judge Charles Simpson struck down a law he deemed unconstitutional under Granholm, which had prevented consumers from order wine over the phone and online by requiring consumers … Continue reading “KENTUCKY APPEALS FOR FACE-TO-FACE SALES”

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is seeking to pass laws that would require alcohol to be separated from other items, such as chips and toys, in grocery stores. If the proposal eventually leads to legislative changes, it could be good for advocates of the 3-tier as it would further demonstrate the power of states … Continue reading “INDIANA EXERCISING STATES RIGHTS”

The French are (gasp) launching a $7.6 million ad campaign to promote Bordeaux wines through the end of 2007. The campaign will consist of posters and press advertising throughout the U.K., Belgium and Germany starting in November and December, although it forbids pictures of people drinking wine. North America won’t see the GAD/Saatchi campaign, however, … Continue reading “BORDEAUX CAMPAIGN IN 2007”

Absolut may soon be for sale due to a change in government in Sweden. WSJ reported that after a 12-year rule by Prime Minister Göran Persson’s Social Democrats, Sweden has elected the more market-friendly Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Alliance group. The new prime minister is committed to selling state assets which could comprise up to … Continue reading “SWEDISH GOVERNMENT TO SELL ABSOLUT?”

Diageo is experiencing successful testing in the Tampa area for its ready-to-drink cocktails packaged in 12 oz. cans, according to Ad Age’s Jeremy Mullman. The four brands include Captain Morgan and Cola, Smirnoff Vodka and Lemon-Lime Soda, George Dickel Whiskey and Cola, and Seagram’s 7 and Lemon-Lime Soda, and are about 5% alcohol by volume. … Continue reading “DIAGEO’S SPIRITED RTDS”

Rite Aid Corporation, the third U.S. drugstore chain, announced yesterday they will buy the Brooks and Eckerd drugstore chains from Canada’s Jean Coutu Inc. for about $2.6 billion. Just two years ago Jean Coutu purchased the Eckerd stores, leading them to become North America’s 4th largest drugstore chain, but scant resources prevented Eckerd from upgrading, … Continue reading “RITE AID TO BUY ECKERD”

Smirnoff’s “Tea Partay” rap video spoof on YouTube has the industry debating over whether it’s brilliant or less-than-perfect advertising. While the spot features three preppy, loafer-wearing guys in pastel rapping on a tennis court, it’s actually an ad for Smirnoff’s new malted Raw Tea. Some of the lines include: “No one’s harder than a New … Continue reading “SMIRNOFF PUSHES YOUTUBE AD”

Last week WSD did an interview with Kevin Moran highlighting how important influencers are in pushing brands on consumers. A portion of the interview focuses on the importance of educating wait-staff in order to increase wine recommendations, even doing something as simple as a table tent. Constellation is going a step beyond that by rolling … Continue reading “A TRAINING PROGRAM FOR WAIT-STAFF”

Pernod is set to rollout its latest installment to the Glenlivet family next month. Glenlivet Nàdurra (Gaelic for natural) was aged 16 years in bourbon casks and then bottled at natural cask strength to create a more concentrated whiskey. The brand will be available for $60 in a 750-ml bottle. You are unauthorized to view … Continue reading “PERNOD TO LAUNCH THE LATEST GLENLIVET”

Constellation has terminated the U.K. importer and wholesaler Western Wines, opting instead to move the brands in-house as early as October. Their brands include Kumala, Kim Crawford, Hogue Cellars, Inniskillin and Jackson-Triggs. Earlier this month Constellation had announced plans to restructure their bottling and distribution operations in the U.K. after acquiring the businesses from Vincor. … Continue reading “CONSTELLATION STAYING TRUE TO ITS WORD”