The newly elected Swedish premier Fredrik Reinfeldt said foreign investors were welcome to take part in the country’s imminent disposal of multi-billion dollar state holdings.“I am not ruling anyone out,” Reinfeldt told the Financial Times. His statements were made as his center-right alliance prepares their initial phase of sell-offs of stakes in banking, telecommunications and … Continue reading “SWEDISH GOVERNMENT: FOREIGN INVESTORS WELCOME”

In a recent survey conducted by The California Wine Club, Paso Robles, American Viticultural Area (AVA) was selected as the next up-and-coming California wine region.Paso Robles, AVA received the highest number of votes, with more than 28% of the votes cast for the region. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me … Continue reading “UP AND COMER PASO ROBLES TAKES THE VOTE”

Minnesota grocery stores are pushing once again to gain permission to sell wine, pitting them directly against liquor stores.Much like the lobbying campaign in Massachusetts earlier this year, some Minnesota stores owners are waging public efforts to win the side of consumers – including internet surveys and written proposals.According to research, auditors say wine prices … Continue reading “MINNESOTA GROCERS FIGHT TO SELL WINE”

Blavod Extreme Spirits (BES) announces it has received and signed a “Letter of Intent” from an unnamed listed company that may or may not lead to an offer being made for the company. Who could it be? The approach, which is subject to a number of pre-conditions, is an all share offer of shares in … Continue reading “RUMORS SWIRLING THAT BLAVOD’S FOR SALE”

Australian imports are huge and growing. (Yes, we know.) Yellow Tail is huge. (Right, we knew that too.) So it’s quite surprising that Australia hasn’t yet taken over Italy’s number one spot as importer to the U.S. In fact, according to M. Shanken Trade News, Italy has widened its lead to about a million cases … Continue reading “ITALY KEEPS THE NEW WORLD AT BAY”

Some California winegrape growers are expressing concern that a considerable portion of wineries are blending foreign wine with California grapes, and then selling them under an “American” appellation label. If their fears prove true, than California grape growers run the risk of being replaced by foreign competitors – especially since the foreign source of the … Continue reading “BULK WINE IMPORTS THREATENING DOMESTIC GROWERS”

After 25 years of mainly being available in high profile restaurants, Brown-Forman owned Sonoma-Cutrer winery will release a newer version, Sonoma Coast chardonnay, in retail stores this December.The Sonoma-Cutrer brand has been critically acclaimed by wine publications and restaurant managers throughout the country. But could its Sonoma Coast version hurt the brand’s perception once it’s … Continue reading “SONOMA-CUTRER: FROM UPSCALE RESTAURANTS TO RETAIL STORES”

Bronco Wine Company (owned by Fred Franzia) has released its latest $4.99 installment from the Santa Barbara County appellation, entitled Santa Barbara Landing. The brand coincides with Bronco’s Napa Valley appellation Napa River brand, which is also available at the same price. Both wines are available through Trader Joe’s.”We’re seeing the unraveling of the myth … Continue reading “FRED FRANZIA: “UNRAVELING OF THE MYTH.””

If someone were to ask which brand of champagne and sparkling wine you’d consider the most prestigious, what would you say? It may come somewhat as a surprise, but the Luxury Institute’s Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) survey of champagnes and sparkling wines named LVMH’s Dom Perignon as the clear winner.The brand ranked first overall, … Continue reading “WEALTHY CONSUMERS RANK TOP CHAMPAGNE BRANDS”

Australian drinks company Foster’s Group said Friday it can’t explain the recent rise in its share price following a query from the Australian Stock Exchange.”The company is not aware of any information concerning it that explains the recent trading in the company’s securities,” Foster’s said in a statement.Foster’s shares were up 4% Thursday and have … Continue reading “FOSTER’S GROUP, HAVEN’T A CLUE”

The EU’s Court of Justice ruled Thursday, November 23 that consumers must pay excise duties when they order alcohol or cigarettes from other EU countries.The court said “only products acquired and transported personally by private individuals are exempt from excise duty in the member state of importation.” The ruling is a setback for Internet companies … Continue reading “EXCISE DUTIES TO REMAIN IN THE EU”

Despite reports of an increased interest in white spirits, Patron Spirits Company has no immediate plans to acquire a gin brand in the near future.With the rum category already conquered, vodka is likely the next step for Patron.COO John McDonnell told WSD:“We have an ultra-premium rum, Pyrat, that is very successful and arguably the second … Continue reading “PATRON SPIRITS: “NO IMMEDIATE INTEREST IN GIN.””

Remy Cointreau (maker of Remy Martin cognac and Cointreau liqueur) announced plans last week to terminate its agreement with the Maxxium distribution joint-venture as of March 30, 2009, prompting shares to rise as much as 9% on Thanksgiving Day. Could the company be for sale?Maxxium Worldwide is a distribution joint venture that operates in 34 … Continue reading “REMY COINTREAU SAYS GOODBYE TO MAXXIUM J-V”

Tennessee continues to face ongoing direct to consumer litigation after Rick Jelovsek filed a lawsuit in a federal District Court last week. Joined by the S.L. Thomas Family Winery, Rick is challenging Tennessee’s current law that prohibits the direct shipment of wine to consumers. According to local reports, the state tried to have the case … Continue reading “TENNESSE FACES ONGOING LITIGATION”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has overturned a prohibition on cents-off rebate coupons for malt beverages, wine and cider that takes effect November 1. The beer and wine industry petitioned the state after a February 2006 amendment that allows spirits companies to offer money-back-by-mail coupons for discounts that increase as more alcohol is purchased. Beer, … Continue reading “OREGON STATE TO GRANT MAIL-IN REBATES”