Pernod Ricard announced today that Republic Beverage Company will distribute the wine and spirits giant’s full line of alcohol in Texas and Louisiana in addition to their current run in Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi. Southern Wine & Spirits was selected to distribute Pernod’s products in Arizona. Alain Barbet, COO, Pernod Ricard USA, said, “Our strengthened … Continue reading “CH-CH-CHANGES FOR PERNOD RICARD”

A recent study carried out by Napa-based Balzac Communications shows that 94%, or 9 out of 10, consumers think non-cork closures often depreciate a bottle of wine. The 20-question survey was issued to members of the U.S. wine trade which includes restaurateurs, retailers, wine buyers at nationwide hotels and the wine media. There were 327 … Continue reading “CORKS ARE STILL HOT FOR WINE”

The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation reported last week that the 2006 wine harvest will likely fall below last year’s record performance. Although it is expected to be good to excellent in quality, the crop will probably return to the average volume coming in close to 1.8m tonnes, 7% lower than the 2005 harvest. AWBC … Continue reading “PROJECTIONS FOR THE 2006 AUSTRALIAN GRAPE HARVEST”

Indiana may not turn into a direct shipping state after all. Last Thursday, February 23, a Senate committee approved HB 1190 which went on to be halted by the full Senate. Sen. President Pro Tempore Robert D. Garton does not want the bill to advance because he fears an ensuing lawsuit from in-state wineries. Reportedly, … Continue reading “UNREST IN THE HOSSIER STATE”

Ray’s Station Vineyards Sonoma County Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon “Hearty Red Wines for Men” is marketed specifically towards, well, men, namely those who steer clear of wine in the traditional sense. While most wines are targeted towards women, who purchased 55% of wine in the United States last year, Ray’s Station is going the other … Continue reading “UNLEASHING OF THE BEAST: MANLY WINE”

The wine industry is still divided over making zinfandel the official state wine of California. Some think it’s “a huge mistake to bestow such prestige on just one type,” according to the Contra Costa Times, while others want to honor zinfandel’s history and association with California. Although the grape likely originated in Croatia, California turned … Continue reading “MAKE ZINFANDEL OFFICIAL?”

InBev’s full year pre-tax earnings rose 15.5% and revenues increased 7.2% despite staggering sales in western Europe, their second biggest market. Second half profit went up 1.6% while sales gained 27% thanks to the 2004 acquisition of Brazil’s Cia De Bebidas das Americas. “Volume decrease in western Europe was expected. And although volumes fell, they … Continue reading “INBEV POSTS 2ND-QUARTER RESULTS”

The Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee altered HB 1190 to allow wine shipments in and out of Indiana. After wineries check identification in person, out-of-state and in-state wineries are allowed to ship up to 1,000 cases directly to Indiana residents. However, there is no limit to how many cases Indiana wineries can send to other … Continue reading “VICTORY FOR WINERIES IN INDIANA”

Constellation’s is planning to consolidate bottling operations at the Woodbridge Winery and Turner Road Vintners outside Lodi next year as a part of their restructuring program. Lisa Farrell, VP of communications, told, “We will move the bottling operation at Turner Road Vintners to Woodbridge, primarily, and to other sites.” The company said they will … Continue reading “CONSTELLAION CONSOLIDATES BOTTLING OPERATIONS”

Former chairman Chris Kitze and former CEO Peter Ekman and George Garrick are suing New York VC firm Baker Capital for offering an enticing buyout in order to cheaply profit off the troubled internet publication. According to a Dow Jones Newswire, claims Baker Capital “forced the company to decline a purchase offer from … Continue reading “WINE.COM FILES SUIT AGAINST BAKER CAPITAL”

The Wine Market Council released a consumer study that shows younger wine drinkers are more comfortable with wine and drink it more frequently than older Baby Boomers. The study divided American wine drinkers into three segments: Boomers (41-59), Generation X (29-40), and Millennials (18-28). All three group are drinking more wine than ever but the … Continue reading “MILLENNIALS ARE DRINKING MORE WINE THAN ANY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC”

Tasmania’s wine industry is feeling the negative effects of the grape glut due to an over-abundance of cool-climate grapes. Although Australian exports continue to rise, 80% are made up of cheaper warm-climate varieties. As quoted in The Mercury, Stuart Tasmanian Vineyards Association president Stuart Bryce said, “Therein lies the reason for the wine grape glut … Continue reading “COOL-CLIMATE GRAPES SUFFER MORE FROM AUSTRALIAN GLUT”

Australian workers at Stanley Winery, a part of Hardy Wine group owned by Constellation, performed a 24-hour strike last week over pay and conditions that could possibly turn into an eight-week strike. A spokesman for Constellation said the company is standing strong: “The management in Australia is working to resolve this, but from what I … Continue reading “CONSTELLATION WORKERS DEMAND A 15% PAY RAISE”

Sleeman Breweries, the third largest in Canada, warned that 2005 profits may not be up to what they originally projected, blaming the difference on competitive pricing. They initially thought earnings per share would fall somewhere in the $0.81 to $0.85 range but now expect it to be between $0.60 and $0.64. “The industry experienced compressed … Continue reading “SLEEMAN RETRACTS EARLIER PRICING PROJECTIONS”

Johnnie Walker was voted 2005 Distiller of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine yesterday. “This award comes at a notable time in Johnnie Walker’s history as we are currently celebrating the 200th birthday of the original blender and founder John Walker,” said Chris Parsons, vice president of marketing, Scotch, Diageo North America. You are unauthorized … Continue reading “JOHNNIE’S WALKING HIGH.”