Oklahoma’s House Joint Resolution 1055 that proposed to open the state’s wine trade to all in-state and out-of-state vineyards recently died on the floor. SJR 41 had a similar fate. As of now, the wholesalers’ lawsuit is still pending and wineries “do not have any live bills to give us consumer shipping,” according to Free … Continue reading “OKLAHOMA WINERIES WITHOUT A BILL”

Brown-Forman announced today that Sandra Frazier, Martin S. Brown, Jr., and George Garvin Brown IV were elected to join the Board of Directors. All three individuals are fifth generation descendants of George Garvin Brown, the founder of the company, and are the first members of the family’s fifth generation to join the board, effective May … Continue reading “NEW BROWNS TO JOIN THE BOARD”

Ohio wholesalers and winemakers are still bargaining over direct shipment. The staff of the Federal Trade Commission’s three bureaus – Competition, Consumer Protection, and Economics – filed a comment yesterday with the Ohio State Senator Eric Fingerhut, citing their support for SB 179, a proposal that would legalize direct shipping inside and outside of the … Continue reading “DIRECT SHIPPING IN OHIO HAS THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION’S SUPPORT”

According to a DISCUS press release, a New Jersey state proposal to raise taxes on distilled spirits, beer and wine will cost the state more than $50 million in lost business and an estimated 850 hospitality jobs. NJ Gov. Jon Corzine’s proposed budget would increase the excise taxes on spirits, wine and beer by 1% … Continue reading “DISCUS SPEAKING OUT AGAINST ALCOHOL PROPOSAL IN NEW JERSEY”

Whether it’s true or not, Australia is known for leading the New World wine industry in innovation. And with today’s winemakers moving towards cutesy labels, wacky names and non-traditional bottle closures, nothing seems surprising, so pop your synthetic cork and take a swig because one Australian company is test-marketing plastic wine bottles. Fosters Wine Estates … Continue reading “PLASTIC WINE BOTTLES, THE UNBREAKABLE CONTAINER”

The New Zealand Wine Fund has acquired Goldwater Estate wine company for $10 million with the deal set for completion in April. Goldwater owners, Kim and Jeanette Goldwater, are set to receive a third of the payment in cash and the remainder in NZWF shares. Mr. Goldwater will join the New Zealand Wine Fund board … Continue reading “VINEYARDS COMBINE TO FORM ONE OF THE LARGEST WINE COMPANIES IN NEW ZEALAND”

Dear Client: “We’re on offense in all of our businesses,” said Fortune Brands chief Bruce Carbonari. Beam Global reported higher total sales in the fourth quarter, with gains from Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, and high single digit gains in Moen. Beam says that total spirits sales in the US are flat to up 1% … Continue reading “Fortune on the Offense”

Surprisingly, Germany is growing rapidly as a wine importer in the United States. With a volume increase of 30% in the last year, Germany far outstripped France, Australia (10%), and Italy’s (9%) growth rate. Wine-drinkers are rediscovering Germany’s Rieslings and no longer associate them with the sweet-tasting stereotype that many assume German wine to be. … Continue reading “GERMANY IS THE FASTEST GROWING WINE IMPORT”

Although Florida terminated their ban on direct wine delivery, the heavily regulated and confusing procedures prevent many wineries from exporting their product into the state. It’s not an overnight process. It takes time for small wineries to update their webpage, alert staff, and become familiar with each state’s various laws. As of now, Florida’s rules … Continue reading “DIRECT DELIVERY: IT’S LEGAL BUT IT’S TAKING FOREVER”

Argentina is the up and coming wine export worldwide. In 2005 the South American country exported almost $400 million in wines and grape juice to over 70 countries, up from $305 million in 2004. Although Australia, France, the U.S. and Chili produce far more than Argentina, the fledgling wine country has invested more than $1.5 … Continue reading “IS ARGENTINA TO BECOME THE NEW AUSTRALIA?”

The wine industry is still divided over making zinfandel the official state wine of California. Some think it’s “a huge mistake to bestow such prestige on just one type,” according to the Contra Costa Times, while others want to honor zinfandel’s history and association with California. Although the grape likely originated in Croatia, California turned … Continue reading “MAKE ZINFANDEL OFFICIAL?”

InBev’s full year pre-tax earnings rose 15.5% and revenues increased 7.2% despite staggering sales in western Europe, their second biggest market. Second half profit went up 1.6% while sales gained 27% thanks to the 2004 acquisition of Brazil’s Cia De Bebidas das Americas. “Volume decrease in western Europe was expected. And although volumes fell, they … Continue reading “INBEV POSTS 2ND-QUARTER RESULTS”

The Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee altered HB 1190 to allow wine shipments in and out of Indiana. After wineries check identification in person, out-of-state and in-state wineries are allowed to ship up to 1,000 cases directly to Indiana residents. However, there is no limit to how many cases Indiana wineries can send to other … Continue reading “VICTORY FOR WINERIES IN INDIANA”

Constellation’s is planning to consolidate bottling operations at the Woodbridge Winery and Turner Road Vintners outside Lodi next year as a part of their restructuring program. Lisa Farrell, VP of communications, told Recordnet.com, “We will move the bottling operation at Turner Road Vintners to Woodbridge, primarily, and to other sites.” The company said they will … Continue reading “CONSTELLAION CONSOLIDATES BOTTLING OPERATIONS”

Former Wine.com chairman Chris Kitze and former CEO Peter Ekman and George Garrick are suing New York VC firm Baker Capital for offering an enticing buyout in order to cheaply profit off the troubled internet publication. According to a Dow Jones Newswire, Wine.com claims Baker Capital “forced the company to decline a purchase offer from … Continue reading “WINE.COM FILES SUIT AGAINST BAKER CAPITAL”