Ohio Gov. Bob Taft signed SB 131 – dubbed the “Merlot to Go” bill – into law last week. Effective September 20, restaurant patrons will be allowed to re-cork and take home an unfinished bottle of wine as long as it’s placed in the back of the vehicle. You are unauthorized to view this page. … Continue reading “OHIO CONSUMERS FREE TO TAKE HOME”

In the first quarter, shipment growth rates increased about 2% in California from the year before, likely stemming from a 10% growth in wines above $7 and a decrease in lower priced wines.Bottled wine imports for the quarter were nearly identical to that of January-March of 2005. On the bulk side, however, imports were up … Continue reading “CALIFORNIA SEES RISE IN BULK IMPORTS”

Following France and Italy, Spain and Greece have become the latest countries to receive European Commission funding to distill excess wine for industrial use. The Commission announced Friday they will spend 22.2 million euros on the measure, which will pay for 300,000 hectoliters of Spanish wine and 130,000 of Greek wine to be distilled.Mariann Fischer … Continue reading “SPAIN AND GREECE JOIN THE DISTILLATION BANDWAGON”

Anheuser-Busch has launched a new website – www.alcoholstats.com – that touches on a variety of alcohol issues, including underage drinking, college issues and advertising based on independent and government research. You are unauthorized to view this page. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Diageo is holding an “Inspired Luxury” program to teach bartenders the “latest mixology trends and serving techniques.” The NY workshop will take place at Country at The Carlton on June 26, and the LA workshop will be held at the East West Lounge on June 28 from 9:30-4:30. Johnnie Walker, No. TEN by Tanqueray, Ciroc … Continue reading “DIAGEO PARTNERING WITH BARTENDERS”

WSD had the chance to sit down with Joseph Anthony, CEO of Vital Marketing – a leader in the multicultural, hip-hop and beverage community that works with clients such as Coca-Cola, Remy Martin, and Motorola – to offer his insights on the current Cristal controversy. The boycott, announced last week, stems from seemingly “racist” comments … Continue reading “WHAT’S TO COME OF CRISTAL?”

Merrill Lynch predicts that Constellation’s 1st quarter results ending May 31 – which they are scheduled to announce on June 29 – will result in 6% sales growth, driven by wine (5%), beer (10%) and spirits (3%). This quarter marks the first time in six quarters with no major impact from acquisitions, though Vincor will … Continue reading “PREDICTIONS FOR CONSTELLATION’S Q-1 EARNINGS”

According to Morgan Stanley’s consumer research report, beer and wine did slightly better this year while spirits were down. For the future, they project 3% annual wine volume growth and 2% spirit growth. One leading factor pushing wine and spirits is that women are increasingly switching from beer to wine and especially spirits, mainly due … Continue reading “WINE POISED FOR A SOLID FUTURE”

The European Commission in Brussels is expected to unveil major changes today designed to cutback on the overwhelming surplus in Europe. In order to reduce production of low-quality wines, the Commission plans to pay winemakers $3 billion during the next six years to cut out 400,000 hectares of vineyards, according to the draft of planned … Continue reading “THE EU GETS UP TO SPEED WITH THE NEW WORLD”

Dear Client:The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision today that settles a confusing lower court ruling on the issue of out-of-state retailers shipping direct to consumers in Texas.BACKGROUND. As you’ll recall, a Texas District Court judge ruled that the 2005 Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court decision applied as much to retailers as it … Continue reading “5th Circuit Rules Against Out-of-State Retailers”

Thanks again for the wonderful reaction to our first ever survey. WSD received many more responses over the holiday weekend, and we greatly appreciate your feedback. When asked about the future of screwcap wine closures, readers responded with equally mixed feelings. Some of you feel that the mainstream public already accepts non-cork closures, while others … Continue reading “PART II OF SURVEY MONKEY”

With advertising and marketing you always hear about baby boomers and millennials, but what about the people in-between? What do they want? Several new studies have shown that the growing number of unwed, single people in their 30s make ideal customers. With money to burn and a taste for luxury, these individuals are ready to … Continue reading “30-SOMETHINGS PEGGED THE IDEAL CONSUMER”

Despite all the hype and press surrounding the Australian grape glut – which WSD is guilty of as well – at least one beverage research agency claims that excess grapes are the least of Australia’s problems. The UK-based International Wine and Spirit Record said in a recent report that grape shortages will likely be a … Continue reading “AUSTRALIAN GLUT LEAST OF THEIR WORRIES”

Mendocino County grape growers and vintners voted in favor of the Mendocino Winegrape & Wine Commission by approximately 85% following a 30-day industry referendum. As the only California Agricultural Commission that includes grape growers and vintners, both groups will be charged $10 per ton for grapes sold and/or processed. The funds will target promotion and … Continue reading “MENDOCINO COUNTY PUMPS UP THE VOLUME”

A bi-partisan coalition of New York’s Congressional Delegation is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns to provide disaster assistance to grape growers affected by the spring freeze. A letter initiated by Hillary Rodham Clinton asked the USDA Secretary to provide enough money to help grape producers to recover.”Mother Nature has not been … Continue reading “SEN. CLINTON STEPS IN FOR NEW YORK GRAPE PRODUCERS”