InBev’s full year pre-tax earnings rose 15.5% and revenues increased 7.2% despite staggering sales in western Europe, their second biggest market. Second half profit went up 1.6% while sales gained 27% thanks to the 2004 acquisition of Brazil’s Cia De Bebidas das Americas. “Volume decrease in western Europe was expected. And although volumes fell, they … Continue reading “INBEV POSTS 2ND-QUARTER RESULTS”

The Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee altered HB 1190 to allow wine shipments in and out of Indiana. After wineries check identification in person, out-of-state and in-state wineries are allowed to ship up to 1,000 cases directly to Indiana residents. However, there is no limit to how many cases Indiana wineries can send to other … Continue reading “VICTORY FOR WINERIES IN INDIANA”

Constellation’s is planning to consolidate bottling operations at the Woodbridge Winery and Turner Road Vintners outside Lodi next year as a part of their restructuring program. Lisa Farrell, VP of communications, told, “We will move the bottling operation at Turner Road Vintners to Woodbridge, primarily, and to other sites.” The company said they will … Continue reading “CONSTELLAION CONSOLIDATES BOTTLING OPERATIONS”

Former chairman Chris Kitze and former CEO Peter Ekman and George Garrick are suing New York VC firm Baker Capital for offering an enticing buyout in order to cheaply profit off the troubled internet publication. According to a Dow Jones Newswire, claims Baker Capital “forced the company to decline a purchase offer from … Continue reading “WINE.COM FILES SUIT AGAINST BAKER CAPITAL”

The Wine Market Council released a consumer study that shows younger wine drinkers are more comfortable with wine and drink it more frequently than older Baby Boomers. The study divided American wine drinkers into three segments: Boomers (41-59), Generation X (29-40), and Millennials (18-28). All three group are drinking more wine than ever but the … Continue reading “MILLENNIALS ARE DRINKING MORE WINE THAN ANY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC”

Despite Australia’s enormous wine success, vintners claim that supply is much higher than demand and more than one billion liters of wine are sitting untouched in storage. Consequently, prices are shifting downwards, and wine-makers demand that the government hold an urgent meeting to help solve the problem. As reported by ABC News Online, the growers’ … Continue reading “AUSTRALIAN GRAPE GLUT CAUSING CRISIS”

French champagne producer Vranken-Pommery Monopole has done well for themselves in 2005. Sales increased 10.1% from 2004, leading the company to a full-year consolidated turnover rise of EUR250.5 million. Last year’s turnover was EUR227.5 million.

According to Paula Pou of “Wine Spectator,” Bacardi Imports has launched its own 24-hour radio music station. The station can be viewed at where web surfers can see Bacardi TV spots, event footage, photo galleries, recipes, and new downloads. Also, listeners will be able to play music from their computers at any time and … Continue reading “BACARDI INCREASES AWARENESS ONLINE”

Distributors and winemakers are hashing it out in Illinois. A bill backed by the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois would keep Illinois wineries from selling their products online, through the mail or over the phone, and winemakers don’t like it. Bill Olson, VP of ABDI, believes Illinois wineries are using a loophole to avoid regulation. … Continue reading “BOTTLE CAP VS. CORK IN ILLINOIS”

Nick Dokoozlian, VP for viticulture at E&J Gallo Winery, stressed the importance of mandatory research and development procedures for United States wine-growers Tuesday at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. “We have numerous funding organizations, but the contribution is voluntary,” said Nick. “We need to make that funding process more vigorous.” He believes that by … Continue reading “US WINE EXECUTIVE CALLS FOR MORE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT”

The 2004-2005 Australian grape crush reached a new height, trumping the previous year’s record levels. The Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that 1,925,490 tonnes of grapes were crushed in 2004-05 which is 8,252 tonnes higher that 2003-04. This means that 1,422.8 million litres of wine will be produced on the island, an increase of 1.3%, … Continue reading “RECORD OUTPUT FOR AUSSIE WINERIES”

Ok, maybe “rampant” is not the right word. But Wine Spectator’s Daniel Sogg reported that New Zealand’s Central Otago region farmers have a reason to scratch their heads following a recent infestation of the destructive root louse phylloxera. This is the second outbreak in Central Otago and serves as “as bit of a wake-up call … Continue reading “INFESTATIONS RAMPANT IN CENTRAL OTAGO”

Sleeman Breweries, the third largest in Canada, warned that 2005 profits may not be up to what they originally projected, blaming the difference on competitive pricing. They initially thought earnings per share would fall somewhere in the $0.81 to $0.85 range but now expect it to be between $0.60 and $0.64. “The industry experienced compressed … Continue reading “SLEEMAN RETRACTS EARLIER PRICING PROJECTIONS”

Johnnie Walker was voted 2005 Distiller of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine yesterday. “This award comes at a notable time in Johnnie Walker’s history as we are currently celebrating the 200th birthday of the original blender and founder John Walker,” said Chris Parsons, vice president of marketing, Scotch, Diageo North America.

The SWA (Scottish Whiskey Association) has recently appointed Richard Burrows and Diageo’s chief Paul Walsh to join their board. Richard, who formerly served as joint director-general at Pernod, will succeed Ian Good as chairman. He believes that, “With companies of all sizes investing in the category and growing exports of both malts and blends worldwide, … Continue reading “SPIRITS INDUSTRY GREATS UNITE ON WHISKEY”