Illinois Wholesalers File Motion to Intervene in A-B Suit

Wine and Spirit Distributors of Illinois say they have skin in the game. WSD has learned that WSDI has filed a motion to intervene in Anheuser-Busch's lawsuit against the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. You'll recall that the Commission issued a declaratory ruling last month baring A-B from acquiring the remaining 70% stake in Chicago wholesaler City Beverage, which would essentially make A-B a supplier and wholesaler in the state. That's because the Commission believes out-of-state brewers can't hold a distributors license, but in-state brewers can. As you'll see below, WSDI disagrees with this assertion. A-B then filed a lawsuit against the Commission in a federal court, claiming its ruling violates the Commerce Clause and that all brewers should be able to hold a wholesalers license in the state. If the judge allows WSDI to intervene, then A-B will be suing both the LCC and WSDI.

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