Hugues Pietrini Departs Stoli Group

Dear Client:

Stoli Group confirmed this morning that Hugues Pietrini has stepped down from his role as global president and ceo. No word on who, if anyone, will replace Hugues.

Rudy Costello will continue on as Stoli Group USA president and ceo, responsible for the US and Canada operations. Andreas Ioannides, current managing director of international distribution for Stoli Group, will be responsible for managing the rest-of-world markets.

“This is an important step to delivering transformational changes, and best positions the company for its future success,” per a statement from the company. “Moving forward, the organization will bridge the global and US divisions, empowering a best-in-class team to lead brands and regions around the world.”

We’ll have more information as it rolls in.

Until later,

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