Craig Wolf Speaks on HR 5034

Since Congress introduced HR 5034 (or the CARE Act) in April, there's been a cacophony of noise from suppliers and wholesalers on what the bill actually means and what it would do if it becomes law. Supplier trade groups have formed a united front in opposition to HR 5034, resulting in a number of press releases and other statements to the press. So we first wanted to hear from the wholesalers. We sat down with the president and ceo of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), Craig Wolf. When speaking about HR 5034, he said: "We are not looking to change the world here. We are looking to set down a bright line in the sand for courts to understand what the rules of the road are.... HR 5034 would create that bright line." We also sat down with Wendell Lee, general counsel of The Wine Institute, who we'll hear from next. But here's what Craig had to say:

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