Appeals Court Questions Wal-mart, TABC over Spirits Sales in Texas

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We may finally be nearing the end of the case Wal-mart brought against the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) in an attempt to start selling spirits in the Lone Star State. At the end of last month, the Fifth Circuit heard oral arguments from both sides.

BACKGROUND. Wal-mart can sell beer and wine in Texas, but is prohibited from owning a package store permit, and therefore from selling spirits. The retailer filed a lawsuit challenging sections of the ABC code that prevented it from doing so, claiming it is irrationally banned for being a public company.

Last year, US District Judge Robert Pitman agreed with Wal-mart, ordering the TABC to cease enforcement on three of the four challenged sections: the ban on public corporations, the five-permit limit and the consolidation exception for family members [see WSD 03-21-2018]. However, Judge Pitman granted the TABC’s motion to stay the decision until after the appeal.

The appellate court is now trying to determine whether or not the district court correctly ruled that the public corporations ban and the limit on package store permits violate the Commerce Clause and that by extending benefits to all there is no longer an Equal Protection violation.

THE HEARING. During the oral arguments on April 29, the Fifth Circuit judges grilled both sides. Based on the questioning and comments made, it’s tough to call which way the court is leaning. Below are a few key highlights from the hearing.

The TABC and intervenor Texas Package Store Association (TPSA) harped on the difference between discrimination and discriminatory intent. The Commerce Clause is concerned with effects, not motives, said the TPSA attorney, meaning that even if the Texas legislature intended for the challenged statutes to be discriminatory, it doesn’t matter if it does not result in discrimination – which the TABC and TPSA argue it does not.

But Wal-mart said the numbers show a different story, citing that 98% of all package store permits in the state are held by firms wholly-owned by Texans because of the current statutes in place.

Wal-mart claims that the statutes discriminate against who the retailer is, adding that the laws have nothing to do with regulating how spirits are sold, but to specifically keep out certain retailers “and it has worked,” said Wal-mart’s attorney. Though one judge asked, “Isn’t it a little bit funny to have a large public corporation say they’re a protected class?”

A judge also noted that they have to tread “very carefully” when the judiciary branch starts interfering with legislation.

Now we wait for the appellate court to hand down their decision. Stay tuned.


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