Anheuser-Busch Argues Granholm in Illinois

As Alanis Morissette would say, isn't it ironic? You'll recall yesterday that the Illinois Liquor Control Commission denied Anheuser-Busch the right to distribute their own beer in the state by acquiring the remaining 70% of wholesaler City Beverage from Soave that they don't already own. A-B filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday questioning the constitutionality of the panel's decision, claiming it's in violation of the commerce clause by allowing in-state brewers to obtain a distributor license while disallowing out-of-state brewers the same right. Strangely enough, A-B, which claims to be an avid supporter of the three-tier, is employing the same argument used by proponents of direct-to-consumer shipping from wineries and retailers throughout the country.

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