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Who's Buying Bev Alc Online?
FILED MARCH 10, 2017 Nearly 70% of US consumers are regular buyers of beverage alcohol, and about 12% of them made their alcohol purchases online in the past six months, according Nielsen's Harris Poll. Wine had the highest percentage of online purchases at 42%, then spirits (35%) and beer (29%).

Bacardi Names New Chief
FILED MARCH 6, 2017 Mahesh Madhavan, Bacardi's regional president for Asia, Middle East and Africa, will be stepping up to the plate as ceo, taking over for current ceo Mike Dolan on April 1, 2018. In the interim, Mike will continue on in his role and Mahesh will transition to a new role as regional president of Europe in 2017.

TTB Report Provides Insight on Supplier Growth, Category Management
FILED MARCH 3, 2017 The boom in the number of alcohol suppliers isn't breaking news, but the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's (TTB) annual report out today provides a picture of the scope of the increase. Since 2012, the number of wineries has grown 30% (to 11,095 active permits), distillers have increased by 100% (to 2,524 active permits) and breweries have increased by 140% (to 7,039 active permits). Together those companies paid about $8 billion in excise taxes in fiscal 2016.

Empire, Breakthru Trade Blows as Judge Nears Decision on Dismissal
FILED MARCH 1, 2017 Today on As The Tiers Turn there have been a few interesting updates in the "bootlegging racket" case between New York's Empire Merchants and Breakthru Beverage as they try to get in a few more blows before the judge decides whether to dismiss the case or not. Most notably, Empire alleges Breakthru subsidiary Reliable Churchill provided retailers instructions on how best to smuggle liquor without getting caught, and Breakthru alleges Empire has been attempting to cut a deal with RNDC on the side.

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